Hospital management systems for low resource settings

Bahmni – integrates OpenMRS (medical record system), OpenERP (Odoo – resource management/billing), DICOMM (imaging), OpenELIS (laboratory) and others

mUzima – Android app, mobile connection to OpenMRS

OpenEMR – info – (outpatients only) – powerful clinic/healthcentre solution running on Apache/Mysql


Biosignal toolsSigviewer – view and score biosignals

X-rays, Imaging, DICOM

Gingko CADx , ezDICOM , Weasis , Oviyam , 3DimViewer for 3D – viewers

Orthanc server



Health monitoring and evaluation, statistics and surveillance programs

DHIS2 – District Health Information System on Postgres – low connectivity settings, community doctors

more open source health software and also here